Isn't this all about the Queen?

Our campaign is focused on Australia's future, not individual members of the royal family. We need someone who represents Australia's values, our national character and our identity.

As a republic, Australia will have our own head of state who can stand beside any future British monarch as a friend and an equal, cheering for our team in friendly rivalry. This is a natural step for us to take, to back Australia.

Each step in our journey to independent nationhood has been a transition, not a breach. When we adopted our own national anthem, our own High Court and ended the ability of the British Parliament to legislate for us in the 1980s, each step was taken with dignity and respect for our historic ties to Britain. Equally, becoming a republic will be a move of great dignity for our nation and will not reflect on the Queen or her family or her country. It is about us.

Of course, when we become a republic within the Commonwealth, we will always acknowledge the role the monarch – and the UK – played in our past. Future British monarchs will always be welcome to visit us and will be received by an Australian Head of State as friends and equals.