What are the steps to become a Republic?

Our goal is for Australia to belong to all Australians, to become truly ours and no longer a "realm" of a monarch on the other side of the world. So we are starting a conversation about our identity, our values and how to face the future, with all our institutions in our hands. Australians having the conversation is the first step.

There are three things we can choose to do to make Australia ours:

First, decide by a vote of all Australians that we wish to become a republic.

Second, decide by democratic engagement the selection method for Australia's Head of State.

Third, a referendum, as required by the Constitution, offering a choice between a republic with the selection method preferred by the Australian people, or keeping the British monarch as Australia’s Head of State.

These are decisions for all Australians and should not be foisted upon us – or prevented - by our politicians.

That's why we want to invite all Australians to join the conversation and have their say.