Why does it matter to have an Australian as Head of State?

The head of our nation should represent our identity, values and place in the world. At present the head of our nation, who is on our coins and sits above our elected governments and above our military, is not from our nation at all.

Our current Head of State has a full time job representing another country.

As a proud independent nation and as a democracy, the head of our nation should be subject to our laws and should be accountable to us, the Australian people. Our Head of State should work for us, full time.

As a republic, we will have one of us as Head of State. Someone who lives here and is chosen by us – an Australian.

Becoming a republic will end our second-hand reliance on the British monarchy to sit above our national institutions. We will become a fully and recognisably independent nation, with all our national institutions in our hands.

After all, there should be no job an Australian cannot do. Every Australian child should be able to aspire to the top job and at the moment they can't. That’s wrong.