Why should we become a republic?

We have our own national identity, values and character. Australia is our home and it is our responsibility to take the future in our hands, as Australians.

Times have changed, and so have we. Our place in the world is here and we are proud of who we have become, Australian.

We believe in an Australia that stands tall, with a clear national purpose, our own democratic institutions in our name and doing our best to live up to our values of freedom and the fair go.

Australia celebrates our diversity and we should be united in allegiance to Australia.

A republic is for all of us, all Australians. It’s about Australia belonging to all of us, in our name and not in the name of another country’s figurehead. It's just common sense - and it’s also our great patriotic mission.

Indeed why should we conclude that our people aren't capable of producing a new set of institutions that better represent our values in practice as well as theory? We have built a mighty democracy and can make one further improvement to make it all-Australian, owned and operated.

The republic should be an act of creation, just as Federation was in the late nineteenth century. Back then, Australia was part of the British Empire. Over the last century, we have taken each step in our national journey peacefully, successfully, through democratic debate and discussion.

We believe in Australia's future – we make our own luck and we can take control of our own destiny.