2019 Queensland Branch Council Election Nominees

Branch Councils are the bodies that help support grassroots activists and build local movements to spread our message about the need for an Australian as head of state. The Convenor of each Branch Council is elected by the Branch Council. The Convenor is a member of the ARM National Committee and therefore a Director of the ARM, which is a corporation limited by guarantee. Branch Councils usually meet several times a year, and that can be in-person or by phone or video link. There are major national campaign events each year which Branch Councils have a critical role in making successful. These events are supported by the National Office. Branch Council roles are voluntary.

As 15 nominations have been received for 12 positions, an election for the Qld Branch Council will now take place. Ballots will open at 10am on Monday 14 October and close at 4pm on Friday 18 October 2019. Eligible voters will be provided with information about casting a ballot by email prior to the opening of ballots. Candidate statements for nominees are provided below (in randomly generated order).

Qld - Garry Somerville sq.png

Garry Somerville

Passionate re: Republic for Australia.

  • ARM member 5 years

  • ARM Qld Branch Councillor, local area, 2 year

  • actively campaigning local area 15 times in 2 years

  • sharing message, engaging in discussions, gathering support

Systematic approach to disseminating knowledge

  • use of identified high vis venues on rotating system

  • adaptive – flexible, regular brainstorming and under constant review


  • building industry to corporate world and back to building industry. Building industry - own business 30 years

  • sales rep and manager of a corporate store.

  • experience with marketing ideas

  • member Communications committee 30 years ago (Australian Democrats)

Qld - Inez Penrose image headshot.jpg

Inez Penrose

My name is Inez Penrose.

I am running for this position in the QLD ARM because we need to get a new message out to young Queenslanders, we need to crack through with our messaging and make a difference in the conversation about a republic.

Many watch the royal on TV or Netflix, but they do not understand it is possible to enjoy reading about the royal wedding and to support an independent Australia with an Australian head of state - they are not mutually exclusive.

I aim to get the new message out there! Please vote for me to reinvigorate QLD ARM.

Qld - Rosanne Barrett GlennHuntPhoto_square.jpg

Rosanne Barrett

Australia’s transition to a republic is not only inevitable, it is right. Australia is a strong nation with a proud history and a promising future. It deserves a locally-born constitutional leader.

I’m a former journalist with The Australian, ABC’s Australian Story and the South China Morning Post, now operating my own communications consultancy. Through Barrett Comms I love crafting stories about great organisations and the people who run them, and driving increased awareness. I can bring these professional skills to ARM.

Personally, I live in a suburb of Brisbane with my family, including three children aged six and younger.

Qld - Isaac McSwan Profile.jpg

Isaac McSwan

The Australian Republic Movement has long since been forgotten as a current issue in Australia. The aim of this movement since the last referendum was understandably to keep the faith. However it has been 20 years since the last referendum and we need to do more than to just keep the faith. We need to build this movement in popular support, membership numbers and in financial resources. We cannot wait for another 20 years, we must fight now, with all the energy and resourcefulness that we can muster, my goal is to bring the fire back to this movement.

Qld - Ashleigh North Image.jpg

Ashleigh North

Australia has never been a British nation. I believe in giving a platform to the many voices in favour of a strong, Australian republic. I believe in an Australian head of state. We are not a satellite state; our history does not start in the UK and it will not end with it. I believe in revitalising the Republic movement.I’m running for state exec because the next decade of Australian history should be shaped by a strong, Australian Republic. I stand for the inclusion of all Australians in the Republic movement. I hope to see a reinvigorated platform for Queenslanders, rooted in pride for our history and optimism for the future.

Qld - JennyMenzies Profile Image.jpg

Jenny Menzies

My name is Jennifer Menzies and I have been a member of the ARM for a couple of years. Despite my disappointment of the referendum now not going forward, I think it presents an opportunity to consolidate our position over the next few years. We can use the time to do the on the ground work to identify people’s fears, reluctance or plain misunderstanding as a barrier to supporting a republic.

I am a former senior public servant and currently working as a researcher at Griffith University in the areas of federalism and government and would enjoy the opportunity to contribute to our state branch.

Qld - Luke Adams Photo_3.jpg

Luke Adams

I am nominating myself to the QLD Branch Council of the Australian Republican Movement as I feel that having an Australian Head of State is a vital step in the growth of our Nation. It is becoming more and more apparent in our modern world the value, both symbolic and practical, that a Head of State possesses, and it is intolerable that Australia must borrow the Monarch of the United Kingdom on their days off to represent us. Therefore we as a movement must work to ensure that Australia has an Australian Head of State.

Qld - Thomas Wealleans Profile Headshot.png

Thomas Wealleans

My name’s Thomas. I work full time, I study part time, and I am a proud advocate for an Australian citizen as our Head of State. To make this happen, we need to develop a strong network of active supporters across the state.

As a former president and treasurer of several large student societies at the University of Queensland, I know the importance of having a strong team. I have been an active member of the Queensland Branch, and am looking to bring my event and social media management experience to the committee to help reignite the movement in Queensland.

Qld - A Fraser headshot 400px.png

Andrew Fraser

I have been convenor of the Queensland branch of the ARM for the past two years, while I am also a member of the National Committee and the National Executive of the ARM.

All of us are a little disappointed that we will not be having a referendum on the Republic, but I think it is important that we maintain focus and cohesion as a group. I am particularly keen to see more women elected, and I would urge you all to look closely at the statements of women candidates for the Queensland committee. About me personally - I am now semi-retired, but worked as a journalist and advisor to Governments.

Qld - Mike Gilmour ARM Photo 2019 400px.jpg

Mike Gilmour

Mike Gilmour is a passionate supporter for Australia to become a republic and joined ARM to be a more active participant in the campaign.  Mike is keen for Australia to be truly self-determining and for an Australian to be our head of state.

Mike is a professional accountant and company director being a Fellow of CPA Australia and Fellow of AustralianInstitute of Company Directors.Mike has been a member of the Boards of many private companies and government agencies.He is also past President of CPA Australia Queensland Branch.

Qld - Tari Dambo Profile.jpg

Tari Dambo

I believe that Australia deserves to have an Australian as its head of state. It’s about time that we took a stand for what we believed and seized complete control of our sovereignty. That is why I am running for state executive of the ARM Queensland branch, we need more young people involved so we can revitalise this movement and encourage positive change for our nation.

Qld - Martin Falcongreen Photo.jpg

Martin Falcongreen

I am serving as Deputy Convenor on Council, assisting Convenor Andrew Fraser in matters concerning the council, such as quarterly member and supporter gatherings at the Pineapple Hotel, telephone conferencing for Council meetings, writing up minutes, contacting members and drafting agendas.

Have been involved in local events to grow awareness of our cause, at Brisbane Central railway station and Paniyiri Greek festival, amongst others.

Have some ideas about how we can improve on the 1999 referendum result. Have been active on the Facebook supporters page and researched in depth alternative roads to a Republic. Have maintained my commitment to the cause over many years.

Qld - Glenn_Davies Photo.JPG

Glenn Davies

Dr Glenn Davies has been an ARM member since 1993, was Forum Coordinator for Hinkler in the 1990s, and worked the Glasshouse Mountains booth in 1999. He has been a Queensland Branch Councillor since 2005, Branch Secretary 2007-2010, and Branch Convener 2010-2017. In 2007 he negotiated with the Queensland Teachers’ Union to become the first union to join the ARM.

Glenn Davies is Head of Social Sciences, Craigslea SHS. His JCU History Honours thesis and UNE PhD were on the history of Australia’s republic movements. He has debated the AML (Qld) and is a prolific writer on Australian republican issues.”

Qld - Paul Taylor Image 400px.jpg

Paul Taylor

Dia dhuit! My name’s Paul, and I’m running for Queensland ARM State Council. I’m putting my hand up to help revitalise the organisation and keep the republican dream burning bright. Australia has many challenges to face and issues to overcome but I believe republicans can play their part in upending the status quo of inaction. The monarchy is a system where inequality and inherited privilege is normalised and ingrained into our psyche. It carries the baggage of an empire that committed unspeakable crimes throughout the world. Let’s work together to show Australia that by shedding this system, anything is possible.

Qld - Bailey Britt Headshot.jpg

Bailey Britt

The Australian Republican movement is about working towards having an independent Australia, where our values are represented nationwide. This is especially vital in our Head of State. The values of a fair go and mateship are simply not represented by a British Monarch. Australians need to be represented by someone who understands our values and who understands our democracy. This can only happen when Australians are given the right to choose our own Head of State independent of every other country.