There is a coat of arms for the city of Canberra.  It contains a crown, a white rose of the House of York, and includes a motto "For the Queen, the Law and the People".

There is a flag for the Australian Capital Territory.  It features the coat of arms for the city of Canberra, modified by removing the crown, and replacing the white rose of the House of York with the ACT's floral emblem, a native flower called (would you believe) the Royal Bluebell.  (The motto does not appear on the flag.)

In short the flag has been modernised and has had royal symbols removed; the coat of arms has not; the flag is for the ACT; the coat of arms is for the city of Canberra.

See for full details.

So the ACT Legislative Assembly is considering a new coat of arms for the ACT.  

A committee is in progress and will report in June. Submissions may be made by submitting the form on this page, or emailing the committee directly. Submissions should include full name, postal address and telephone number.

Submissions to Assembly inquiries are often published online, and are impacted by parliamentary privilege.  To learn more about this, look at the Assembly Guide for making a submission. For more information about the Committee and its work, please visit their website.

Have your say about a new coat of arms for the ACT.

We want democratic, patriotic, modern and inclusive symbols. We don't want a crown, or a white rose of the House of York, or a motto that starts "For the Queen". So let's tell the local government what we think. Use the form below to lodge your submission.

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