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A completely unmanageable conflict of interest

Diane Smith-Gander is a very proud Australian - resident here since 2007 after an 8 year absence in the US and an earlier stint in Hong Kong.

Diane had a successful executive career.  She worked at Westpac twice finishing up in the C-suite - and was a partner at McKinsey & Company in the USA.

She now pursues a portfolio career and has built a vibrant portfolio of directorships currently including Wesfarmers, AGL Energy, Keystart Loans and Safe Work Australia. She was chairman of Broadspectrum, the Australian Sports Drug Agency, deputy chairman of NBNCo and a director of CBH Group companies, Australia’s largest cooperative.

She is also active in the media advocating for issues which she is passionate about like good governance, gender equity and reconciliation and was delighted when Australia achieved marriage equality.

In this discussion on the Republic we talk about:

  • Reconciling Australian values with the monarchy

  • The Queen’s unmanageable conflict of interest

  • “Why not now?”

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