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The ARM business network is for professionals who are passionate about the Republic. It’s a way to contribute to the campaign beyond door-knocking or posting on social media. The ARM business network is about leveraging the resources, skills and knowledge of our professional supporters to best effect.

Over the past few years, the Republic movement has built real momentum. We’ve successfully put the Republic back into discussion and on the public agenda.

However, the campaign has big goals (primarily, a vote by 2020). Ensuring success on this timeline requires a lot of money and a lot of skills. The ARM business network is focused on ensuring a successful outcome.

If you’re active in business or professional circles we’d love you to join the ARM business network by signing up below.

As part of the business network, we’ll provide regular updates on the progress of the campaign and ways you may be able to help. We’ll also continue to interview prominent Australians about the issue, and host events for supporters to come together.

As we get closer to a vote, we’ll look for members of the ARM business network to get involved to ensure a successful outcome.

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ARM Business Resources

Steve Pell, Convenor of the Australian Republic Movement's Business Network, provides ideas and tips about talking to your colleagues and friends about an Australian republic.