Statements by Australian State and Territory leaders in support of an Australian Republic

Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, Andrew Barr

“I believe Australians deserve to have a head of state who is Australian – someone who lives in our country and represents our values and belief. Our ties with the Monarchy continue to reflect a nation of the past. It’s time for us to grow up and stand on our own two feet.”

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk

"I firmly believe Australia is ready to have an Australian as our Head of State. We lead the world in so many areas, it’s about time our country is led by one of our own."

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Adam Giles

“There is a lot to be said for tradition, but there is even more to be said for progress. Isn’t it time we said to Indigenous Australians “we’re proud of you” in the Constitution? Isn’t it time we said to Territorians “yes, you live in your own State”? Isn’t it time we say to our children “yes, you could be President of Australia when you grow up?"

South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill

“It’s well past time for Australia to become a sovereign nation. Any self respecting independent country would aspire to select one of its own citizens as its head of state. Not only that, the shift in mindset that would accompany this reasonably simple change would be profound."

When asked why he felt it was important to sign the charter he said, "to pinch a phrase from the Canadian Prime Minister, because it is 2016."

Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews

“We're a strong, proud and independent people. It's time to stand on our own two feet - on paper and in practice. We're ready”