Over 700 volunteers join together in the Australian Republic Movement's first National Day of Action

More than 700 volunteers from every state and territory will hit the streets today and get the word out that Australians deserve one of our own as our Head of State. With plans to canvas more than 100,000 homes this National Day of Action, today will be the biggest show of strength since 1999.

"This Day of Action shows just how serious Australians are about sorting this out once and for all", said Peter FitzSimons the Movement's National Chair. "This is everyday Australians talking to their neighbours and community about republicanism. Now is the time and people are getting behind us in record numbers."

The National Day of Action comes off the back of a groundswell of support in the community, media and Government.

“Republic supporters are on the streets from Cairns to Hobart, Newcastle to Fremantle. It's amazing the support we get when people stop and talk about our national identity. These conversations will shape Australia for tomorrow."

The Day of Action is an important event in what is a intense schedule of campaign activity for the ARM. This year has already seen the launch of the Federal Parliamentary Friendship Group and the appointment of a new National Director, Michael Cooney. The Movement is also gearing up for its Annual Gala Dinner in Melbourne on July 29 with very special guest, Bill Shorten.