Support for Monarchy Hits Lowest Ever Level

A new poll shows the majority of Australians support an Australian republic, while support for the monarchy has fallen to its lowest recorded level.

Just 22 per cent of respondents disagree that Australia should be a republic with an Australian as head of state. 52 per cent agree that Australia should be a republic.

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Sandy Biar
Future of the Commonwealth of Nations - Statement from the Australian Republic Movement

BBC News reports overnight indicate the Commonwealth of Nations has set up a "high level group" to decide whether they want Prince Charles to become the head of the Commonwealth when the Queen, who turns 92 in April, dies.

The position of Head of the Commonwealth is not hereditary; the majority of Commonwealth countries are republics and there is no guarantee the position will pass to her son Prince Charles. The BBC reports concerns have been raised by member nations about the “democratic credibility” of the Commonwealth if the head role continues to be hereditary in practice.

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Republic Movement Says No to More Taxpayer Funded Ads

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) will oppose a monarchist proposal for a taxpayer-funded year-long “public education campaign” about “Constitution and Crown”.

Recently, the national chair of the Australian Monarchists League Philip Benwell wrote to all members of Parliament arguing for a year-long program. The letter has not been made public until now.

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Turnbull Opens Door To National Vote On Republic

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement today that the next step towards an Australian republic could be a postal survey on how an Australian head of state should be chosen.

"The Prime Minister Mr Turnbull should now commit to a national vote on an Australian republic during the next Parliament,” said ARM Chair Peter Fitzsimons. "We are thrilled with the return of the PM – long the most passionate republican in the country; to moving forward the process of becoming a republic.  The leaders on both sides of politics clearly want this to happen. Now it’s not a question of if, but how."

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Australian Republic Advisory Panel Announced

The Australian Republic Movement has today announced the formation of the Australian Republic Advisory Panel.

“The Australian Republic Advisory Panel brings together a group of leading Australians: people who are committed to an Australian head of state and who have agreed to serve as patrons for our cause,” said the ARM National Director Michael Cooney.

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Sandy BiarMichael Cooney
Why I'm a Republican

Dan Crowley is a year 12 Student at Xavier College in Melbourne.

His was the winning entry in the Australian Republic Movement's 2017 Republic Essay Competition. Year 11 and 12 students in Australian secondary schools were invited to submit an essay on the topic 'An Australian head of state will better represent Australian values and identity'.

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Sandy BiarDaniel Crowley
Republic Supporters Welcome Joyce’s Call for National Vote

Millions of Coalition voters who believe Australia should have an Australian head of state will welcome reports Barnaby Joyce now says he supports a referendum on the republic.

Newspoll research undertaken in August 2017 showed that more Coalition voters favour an Australian head of state (48%) than oppose (43%). In the event that Prince Charles becomes Australia’s King, Newspoll shows that Coalition voters would overwhelmingly back a republic (56%), with only 36% opposed.

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Peter FitzSimons delivers 2017 Thea Astley Lecture

Delivered at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival on 5 August 2017.

We are met at an enormously exciting time for the Australian Republic Movement. In the past week, we have had an enormous breakthrough, with the announcement by Bill Shorten that, if elected, his government will hold a referendum in his first term with the simple question "Do you think Australia should be a republic and have an Australian as our head of state?"

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Republic Vote Commitment Welcomed by ARM

In this morning’s media it is reported that the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is about to commit to a national vote on the republic during his first term in office, if elected.

We look forward to Mr Shorten’s speech to our 2017 Gala Dinner in Melbourne tonight with great excitement.

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Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten to Address Historic Gathering of Australian Republicans in Melbourne

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will bring the campaign for an Australian republic to a new peak, as the Australian Republic Movement’s guest of honour and keynote speaker at its Gala Dinner on 29 July.

Last year’s ARM Gala Dinner keynote speaker Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull proudly declared, “I am an Australian and proud to say so. Our head of state should be someone who can say the same.”

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PM to speak at Republican dinner

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will help the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) celebrate its 25th anniversary at a gala dinner in Sydney on the 17th of December.

The dinner will recognise the many men and women who have served the ARM with distinction since its founding in 1991. Chief among them is the Prime Minister; a founding member, former chair, and life member of the Movement.

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Three Birthdays for the Queen in One Year?

Queenslanders will take the day off work today – not in recognition of their hard work – but to recognise a Monarch who will most likely be sleeping through the festivities held in her name.

It’s the third such day Australians have put on for the Queen this year, following Queen’s Birthday public holidays around the country on 12 June and 26 September. 

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Sandy BiarGlenn Davies
Packer Backs Republic All The Way

"We warmly thank James Packer for his generosity," said ARM Chair Peter FitzSimons.

"It is one of many donations we have received from Australians, the smallest of which was $2, and was very touching. Another donor, who chooses to remain anonymous, has given a very hefty sum, and we warmly thank him, too."

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Sandy Biar