Statement from the National Director

I believe that every one who holds public office in Australia should be an Australian citizen. I believe that everyone who holds a position of authority in Australia should be chosen by Australians. I believe that everyone who leads Australia and Australians should state allegiance to our people and to this place.

It is just not acceptable that any public position in our country be hereditary. The whole promise of Australia is that here we don't care who your Mum and Dad were.

It is just not acceptable that any public position in our country be subject to a religious test. Our head of state should not the head of the Church of England.

It is just not acceptable that the highest place in our constitution be reserved to the descendants of imperial privilege. Our next head of state should not promised as a bequest in a will dividing an inheritance of $500 million.

A society in which people may believe that they may be better off than someone else, but they are no better than someone else, does not curtsy or bow.

If our system isn't broken, it's clearly breaking. Australian public life has problems a King Charles can't solve.

We desperately need to restore a balance between power and prestige, between dignity and efficiency, between the partisan government and the democratic state. We should have a robust public square and there are worse things than Question Time and doorstops. But in the absence of an Australian as our Head of State that is all we have.

We need an Australian as our head of state who can go to Beersheba while the PM stays at home and sorts out scandals and does some reading of his briefs. Who can make a statement to the nation on New Year's Day or a National Day without someone in her ear saying "get the line up".

And we desperately need to create powerful symbols of the best nation of our imagination. We need an Australian as our head of state: a new, democratic, inclusive, patriotic institution. To give all Australians a voice and to lend every Australian an ear.

Here's how.

In 2020 Australians should be asked two simple questions in a national vote: Do you want Australia to have an Australian as our head of state? How do you want Australia's head of state to be chosen? In that vote, the ARM plans to campaign for a yes vote on the first and pledges to be bound by the outcome of the second.

With those two questions answered, a referendum question should be prepared and put to the people in 2022.

A referendum to change our politics, to modernise our constitution, to remove alien traditions of heredity and prejudice. To be an Australian Republic.

Sign up. Join up. See you on the campaign trail.


ARM National Director Michael Cooney

17 February 2018