Typeform Data Breach

On 2 July 2018 Typeform informed the Australian Republic Movement that we are among their clients whose data was partially compromised as part of a recent breach. Some ARM supporters were among those affected by this breach.

The same day we informed the affected ARM supporters, gave them advice on measures they can take to protect themselves from any consequences.
We are very sorry this has happened.
We also announced that like many of their clients around the world we are reviewing the future use of Typeform in our campaign activities.  
We chose a leading provider for the form service and the breach that's occurred is not acceptable to us.
The information released does not include any financial information, credit card details, or passwords.    
The ARM's own data stores are held separately and have not been compromised.
For further information, see https://www.republic.org.au/privacy or contact privacy@republic.org.au