What is the plan for the republic campaign?

  • 2015: Republic supporters came together from across Australia to join the movement - done!
  • 2016-2017: Volunteers build a grassroots campaign to spread the message to as many people as possible - done!
  • 2018: With supporters spreading the message, the republic becomes a national issue (get involved today)
  • 2019: Government leaders consult the Australian people about becoming a republic, and the best proposals are added to a short-list for the public to vote on
  • 2020: A national vote is held on the questions:
  1. ‘Should Australia have an Australian head of state?’
  2. 'How should we choose our head of state?’
  • 2022: if most Australians think Australia should be a republic and we know how they want to choose their head of state, a final YES/NO vote (a 'referendum') will be held so Australians can decide our future for ourselves.