Why should Australia become a republic?

Australia should have an Australian as our head of state. Why?

1) Our head of state should live here and be proud to be Australian. Anyone who holds public office in Australia should be an Australian citizen with allegiance to Australia.

2) An Australian head of state would better represent the things we stand for - fairness, equality, merit.  Our head of state should not be chosen because of who their mother or father is or where they were born.

3) Australia's head of state should be chosen by Australians.  It's wrong that Australians cannot become our head of state and that we have no say in who does.

4) Australian should be fully independent.  It's not right for Australia's democracy to be subject to a foreign monarch.

Australia is one of the world's most successful countries. We are independent, diverse and proud of our achievements. Becoming a republic would strengthen the best things about our country for the future.