Why should Australia become a republic?

Australia should have an Australian as our head of state, someone who lives here and is proud to be an Aussie. The advantages are that:

1) We’ll have a head of state that will put Australia and its interests first in all situations - the Queen or King of England will never be able to represent us properly while we share them with lots of other countries (15 others!);

2) We’ll be able to choose an Aussie as our head of state, instead of being told which British person we have to have because of their family connections;

3) Our constitution will be 100% Australian and independent of other countries; and

4) We’ll have a head of state that can represent Aussie values – mateship, equality and a fair go - more than a foreign royal family ever could.

Australia is ready to stand on its own two feet - we are independent and deserve to be the ones who make the ultimate decisions about our future. After all, every Australian child should be able to aspire to hold the top job. Plus, it's what most Aussies want.