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Australians Should Choose Australia's Head of State


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Building a grassroots movement for change requires the involvement of lots of people, and we really appreciate the energy and time that community members and ARM supporters dedicate to the cause of an Australian head of state.


Every dollar we raise will go towards our campaign for an Australian republic, with one of our own as head of state.


There have always been a host of great reasons to join the ARM: the chance to be a part of an historic national movement; the ability to help set the direction of the campaign; and the opportunity to meet new people who feel as strongly as you do about having an Australian, chosen by Australians, as our head of state.


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The Australian Republic Movement believes everyone who leads Australia and Australians should state allegiance to our people and to our place. Australia is unique - our land and our society are distinctive in the world. Our nation's great achievement is the creation of a democratic, multicultural, egalitarian society where everyone is equal no matter their family, faith or national background. We should never take this for granted and we should always try to improve it. This is why we should replace our current foreign monarchy with an Australian as Australia's head of state. Our head of state should be a patriotic, democratic person who embodies service to our country and its people. Our head of state should be an Australian chosen by Australians, not a foreign monarch who inherits the job. We're an inclusive, member-controlled, volunteer-led campaign calling for a national vote to change our constitution.


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All proceeds support the campaign for an Australian as our head of state.



The campaign for an Australian Republic is driven by volunteers and supporters right across the country. From neighbourhood street corners, to the steps of Federal Parliament, the campaign to have an Australian as our head of state is going from strength to strength. Find out more about the latest developments here.


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The Australian Republic Movement is the leading voice for republicans in Australia. For more than twenty five years we have been at the forefront of the debate, advocating for an Australian republic with an Australian head of state. With each day that passes, we’re getting closer to achieving our goal of a national vote to become a republic.

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