ARM launches Women's Network

The Australian Republican Movement is launching a Women’s Network as part of its grass roots campaign for an Australian head of state. 

While the republican campaign continues to grow in momentum, backing is consistently lower among women. In February, support for an Australian republic surged past 50 percent (Newspoll 5/2/16). This number would have been even higher except only 45 percent of women polled were in favour with another 16 percent uncommitted.

The ARM is determined to reverse this trend. To do so, the Movement is enlisting the help of women such as Marina Go (Chair, Wests Tigers) and Belinda Hutchinson (Chancellor, Sydney University) to make the case for full and final independence.

“Marina and Belinda are leaders in every sense of the word” said ARM Deputy Chair Michelle Wood. “That’s why the ARM is delighted they are lending their voice to the republican cause by helping us launch our Women’s Network” she continued.

As well as introducing prominent female leaders into the republican debate, the ARM is reinforcing the fact that you can support an Australian head of state AND admire the Royal family.

“Kate and William will continue to visit Australia and feature in our magazines after we become a republic” said Wood. “But when that time comes, they will travel here as equals, not our future rulers” she concluded.

The ARM Women’s Network will be launched with a fundraiser over lunch at Water @ Pier One in Sydney from 12 pm on Friday, 22 July.