Republic Vote Commitment Welcomed by ARM

In this morning’s media it is reported that the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is about to commit to a national vote on the republic during his first term in office, if elected.

We look forward to Mr Shorten’s speech to our 2017 Gala Dinner in Melbourne tonight with great excitement.

For the leader of a major political party to commit to a national vote within three years is a thrilling prospect for Republic supporters. 

This would be the biggest step forward in the republic debate this century. 
Any political leader who makes this commitment will have the Republic Movement’s unanimous congratulations. 

The campaign for an Australian republic is at its strongest when its leadership is bipartisan and its politics inclusive. 

We hope the Government makes the same commitment so all Australians can have their say. 

If the Opposition Leader has a plan for national vote on an Australian republic, the Prime Minister Mr Turnbull has the chance to say – “Yes.”