Support for republic rose in Royal wedding week

Today’s Guardian Essential Report shows support for an Australian republic rose in Royal wedding week.

Fewer Australians were undecided, while support for the monarchy was unchanged.


Because the status quo is wrong.

The present situation is only secure when it is ignored.

Attention is bad for the monarchy.

Royal news is good news for the cause of an Australian republic.

Support for the republic grows when the debate intensifies – undecided Australians switch to support a republic, not a monarchy, when the issue is being debated.

Australians believe Australia’s head of state should be an Australian, chosen by Australians.

The poll, conducted on the eve of the royal wedding, shows support for change up four points since January.

Support in Royal wedding week stood at 48 per cent (

This is up from support of 44 per cent in the same poll in January this year (

Sandy Biar