"Inferior because you're Australian!" New ARM video for young voters counters anti-Australian sentiment

The Australian Republic Movement has launched a new online campaign to give young Australians a say in our future.

An informative new video – “Inferior because you’re Australian” - will be promoted online from today.

A national vote on the republic is likely within three years and the views of first-time voters will be decisive. 

Hundreds of thousands of Aussies who turn eighteen later in 2019, or in 2021 and 2022, could cast their first vote ever in a national vote on the Republic.

Young Australians already tell us they are more likely to support moving to an Australian republic than to support keeping the British monarchy.

And opposition to a republic among young people is at historic lows.

Young Australians also tell us they want to know more about how our system works so that they can make an informed choice to strengthen Australian democracy.

So we want them to have as much information as possible before a national vote.

This is why we have launched this new online campaign today. 

The Australian Republic Movement is member-controlled and politically independent. 

We work with people across our community and with members and Senators across our Parliament who share our belief that Australia should be a republic with an Australian as head of state.  

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