ARM Calls on PM to Outline Path to Republic

This Queen's Birthday holiday, the onus is firmly on Prime Minister Turnbull and his Government to produce a road map toward an Australian republic.

Today, the Greens Party launched a comprehensive republican policy that maps out a path toward an Australian head of state.

They join the Labor Party, which announced its own roadmap at the 2015 ALP National Conference.

This leaves Australia's most prominent advocate for an Australian head of state, Malcolm Turnbull, as the only republican parliamentary leader without a clear plan for achieving full and final independence for Australia.

"Regardless of when the PM thinks we should become a republic, the process must begin in the life of the next federal parliament" said ARM Chair Peter FitzSimons.

"On this, the most irrelevant and outdated of public holidays, we respectfully call on the PM to outline his vision for a modern Australia in which our Constitution reflects our maturity and self-confidence as a nation", concluded FitzSimons.

The ARM's position is for a plebiscite to be held by 2020. The plebiscite will ask citizens if they support an Australian head of state. If passed in the affirmative, the nation would then proceed to a referendum.