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Statement from the National Director of the ARM on speculation about the appointment of the Governor General

The Prime Minister should immediately rule out a 'captain's call' on the next Governor-General.

Media reports speculating that former Foreign Minister Bishop might be considered for the role and represent the Queen in Canberra reinforce the worst perception that Australia is in decline from a parliamentary democracy to a spoils system.

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Next Governor-General should not be a “captain’s call” – Republic Movement call for democratic decision

The Republic Movement calls on the Prime Minister to give Australians a say in the appointment of the next Governor-General.

Peter FitzSimons AM, National Chair of the Australian Republic Movement, has written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to propose that the Government conduct a vote of the Parliament, or a vote of the people, before the appointment of the next Governor-General.

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Turnbull Opens Door To National Vote On Republic

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement today that the next step towards an Australian republic could be a postal survey on how an Australian head of state should be chosen.

"The Prime Minister Mr Turnbull should now commit to a national vote on an Australian republic during the next Parliament,” said ARM Chair Peter Fitzsimons. "We are thrilled with the return of the PM – long the most passionate republican in the country; to moving forward the process of becoming a republic.  The leaders on both sides of politics clearly want this to happen. Now it’s not a question of if, but how."

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Peter FitzSimons delivers 2017 Thea Astley Lecture

Delivered at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival on 5 August 2017.

We are met at an enormously exciting time for the Australian Republic Movement. In the past week, we have had an enormous breakthrough, with the announcement by Bill Shorten that, if elected, his government will hold a referendum in his first term with the simple question "Do you think Australia should be a republic and have an Australian as our head of state?"

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Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten to Address Historic Gathering of Australian Republicans in Melbourne

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will bring the campaign for an Australian republic to a new peak, as the Australian Republic Movement’s guest of honour and keynote speaker at its Gala Dinner on 29 July.

Last year’s ARM Gala Dinner keynote speaker Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull proudly declared, “I am an Australian and proud to say so. Our head of state should be someone who can say the same.”

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Address to the National Press Club by ARM Chair Peter FitzSimons - "We're getting the band back together"

Following is the transcript of an address delivered by Peter FitzSimons to the National Press Club in Canberra on 26 August 2015.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm delighted to be here. I wanted to begin by saying I am, you are, we are Australians. I feel that and I'm deeply honoured to be asked to address you on such a great Australian occasion, discussing this most important of Australian subjects, and from such a podium as this…

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SA Premier joins ARM in Republic Push

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and the Australian Republican Movement’s National Chair, Peter FitzSimons AM, are joining forces to call on the Prime Minister to act on an Australian republic.

The Premier and Mr FitzSimons will be discussing the virtues of Australia adopting one of our own as head of state at a breakfast in Adelaide on Tuesday 9 August.

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Australia deserves an Australian Head of State

In his first interview after becoming Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull made it clear: "The republic issue cannot belong to a politician. It's got to be a genuine popular movement . . ."

He has come to the right place! The Australian Republican Movement is exactly that, but now, all across our brown and pleasant land, we need to demonstrate that fact.

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