Brexit: Cut Australia's final tie to Britain to protect EU trade

MEDIA RELEASE: Australian republicans have today called for an accelerated end to the British Monarchy in Australia, to help promote Australia's strong trade relationship with the European Union - our second most important trading partner.

In 2013-14, Australia's trade relationship with the European Union was worth $83 billion, second only to trade with China at $160 billion. Three quarters of Australia's EU trade is from outside the United Kingdom.

Australian Republican Movement Chair, Peter FitzSimons, asked “With the British people voting to leave the European Union, what benefit is there to Australian business in continuing to have the British Monarch as our Head of State?”

“Australia's economic interests are best served by an Australian Head of State, promoting Australian exports in growing markets. Britain is turning its back on Europe, but modern Australia must embrace it.”

“Australia is a great trading nation. The European Union is Australia's second most important trading partner after China. A British Monarch is even less useful to us today than they were yesterday.”

“Australia's economic future should be in the hands of our own citizens - especially our highest office. We need a modern Head of State who works for us.”