Prince Charles’ extravagant billionaire visit at Australian taxpayers’ expense

Australians were misled by a spokesman for Prince Charles in April this year - and now we know the truth and the price.

The Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall made a private visit to a billionaire friend in southern NSW before the Commonwealth Games.

A spokesman for the royals said the sojourn down south was a ­private visit “at no cost to the taxpayer”.


(See the published comments here:

This was not true. Months of research by independent researcher William Summers released today (see: show the Australian people paid almost $19 000 to cover costs directly related to the private visit.

When Prince Charles visited Australia this year we got a preview of what a ‘King Charles’ will be like.

What was it like? The truth was denied - the Australian people paid for two of the world’s richest men to have a sleep-over - and the costs were kept secret for months.

Without change, Australians will have no say and ‘King Charles’ will be Australia’s next head of state.