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Statement from the National Director of the ARM on speculation about the appointment of the Governor General

The Prime Minister should immediately rule out a 'captain's call' on the next Governor-General.

Media reports speculating that former Foreign Minister Bishop might be considered for the role and represent the Queen in Canberra reinforce the worst perception that Australia is in decline from a parliamentary democracy to a spoils system.

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Turnbull Opens Door To National Vote On Republic

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement today that the next step towards an Australian republic could be a postal survey on how an Australian head of state should be chosen.

"The Prime Minister Mr Turnbull should now commit to a national vote on an Australian republic during the next Parliament,” said ARM Chair Peter Fitzsimons. "We are thrilled with the return of the PM – long the most passionate republican in the country; to moving forward the process of becoming a republic.  The leaders on both sides of politics clearly want this to happen. Now it’s not a question of if, but how."

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Australian Republic Advisory Panel Announced

The Australian Republic Movement has today announced the formation of the Australian Republic Advisory Panel.

“The Australian Republic Advisory Panel brings together a group of leading Australians: people who are committed to an Australian head of state and who have agreed to serve as patrons for our cause,” said the ARM National Director Michael Cooney.

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