New Poll Shows Young Australians Overwhelmingly Back a Republic

A new poll conducted by Dynata over 1-3 June 2019 shows that support for an Australian republic has surged to 57% for under 25 year olds and opposition continues to fall away, with fewer than one in seven people under 35 now opposed.

Support among Australians aged 25-34 also rose, with 50% backing the change to a republic and only 13% opposing.  

Notably, more than 30% of under 35s are undecided. Research shows that once voters are informed about the campaign for an Australian republic they are far more likely to back the change than oppose it. Further public discussion about the campaign will likely see many of these undecided voters put their support behind the campaign. 

“It’s clear that the overwhelming majority of young Australians support a republic,” said Sandy Biar, National Campaign Director of Australian Republic Movement. 

“This support is only likely to grow as the campaign goes on and more people learn about the benefits of Australia becoming a republic.

"We’ve established campaign teams in every state and territory who are working hard to connect with young Australians and raise awareness about these important reforms” said Mr Biar.