Vale Tim Fischer

The Australian Republic Movement was deeply saddened to hear of the death of former Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Tim Fischer, AC today.

His life is a story of personal sacrifice and tireless service to his country. From serving in Vietnam, to serving the nation in state and Federal parliaments for 26 years, his humble, intensely warm yet passionate demeanour endeared him to all he met.

The Movement recognises in particular his service to the cause of an Australian republic. A vocal advocate for a fair and informed debate during the 1999 referendum, Mr Fischer went on to develop and present potential options for constitutional reform to achieve bipartisan support for an Australian republic.

As a former minister for trade, he fought fiercely for Australia’s interests and Australian jobs, and decried Britain’s attempts to use the British Monarchy in its delegations to deprive Australia of those same opportunities.

Mr Fischer will be remembered as a statesman and champion of Australia. 

Vale Tim.

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