An Australian Republic
With one of our own as head of state

The 2016 ARM National Raffle Winners

Thank you to all those members and supporters who purchased tickets in the 2016 republican raffle. As a result of your generosity, we sold out the raffle early!! This was despite our West Australian, Victorian and Tasmanian members being unable to participate due to regulatory restrictions in those states. The ARM is very pleased to announce the following winners... Continue reading

Three Birthdays for the Queen in One Year? - It’s time for a day to recognise Queenslanders instead.

Queenslanders will take the day off work today – not in recognition of their hard work – but to recognise a Monarch who will most likely be sleeping through the festivities held in her name. It’s the third such day Australians have put on for the Queen this year, following Queen’s Birthday public holidays around the country on 12 June and 26 September.  Continue reading

Media Release - Republicans Tell Turnbull : Marriage Equality Not the Right Plebiscite

The Australian Republican Movement (ARM) today broke its silence on the marriage equality plebiscite, declaring the proposed vote a waste of time and money.   Continue reading

Media Release - Packer Backs Republic All The Way

Billionaire philanthropist James Packer has strongly backed the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) with donations totaling $250,000 since the beginning of the year. Packer’s generosity has been matched by others with a number of significant donations flowing to the ARM in 2016. Continue reading

Media Release - SA Premier joins ARM in Republic Push

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and the Australian Republican Movement’s National Chair, Peter FitzSimons AM, are joining forces to call on the Prime Minister to act on an Australian republic. The Premier and Mr FitzSimons will be discussing the virtues of Australia adopting one of our own as head of state at a breakfast in Adelaide on Tuesday 9 August. Continue reading


The Australian Republican Movement is launching a Women’s Network as part of its grass roots campaign for an Australian head of state.  Continue reading

As the world changes, so must Australia

TIM MAYFIELD WRITES IN THE HUFFINGTON POST - Let's get one thing straight from the beginning: the United Kingdom is diminished as a result of Brexit and there is precious little that Australia should seek to emulate about the whole sorry process. Continue reading

Brexit gives rise to Australian republican push

PETER FITZSIMONS WRITES IN THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - The impact of Brexit – love it or hate it – on the Australian Republican Movement? Enormous. And about 10 times what I had anticipated. Continue reading

Media Release - Brexit: Cut Australia's final tie to Britain to protect EU trade

MEDIA RELEASE: Australian republicans have today called for an accelerated end to the British Monarchy in Australia, to help promote Australia's strong trade relationship with the European Union - our second most important trading partner. Continue reading

Ditch the Queen's Birthday for a holiday that matters to Australians

DANIEL FLEMING WRITES IN THE AGE - The Queen's Birthday holiday has become a tradition without ceremony. Most Australians appreciate the long weekend but prefer to shop, head to the ski fields or go to the football instead of toasting her majesty. Continue reading