Australia deserves an Australian Head of State

In his first interview after becoming Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull made it clear: "The republic issue cannot belong to a politician. It's got to be a genuine popular movement . . ."

He has come to the right place! The Australian Republican Movement is exactly that, but now, all across our brown and pleasant land, we need to demonstrate that fact.

We need all those who believe that in the 21st Century Oz deserves a Head of State who hurts when we hurt, cheers when we win and always puts Australia first . . . to do one thing.

We need you to declare your support for an Australian republic with one of our own as Head of State, by signing our petition:

Once you've done that, let all your friends know that you've signed, and encourage them to do likewise. 

And if you STILL want to do more, why not become a member of the ARM so that on the night Australia becomes a republic, you can have the satisfaction of having been a part of history, a part of the tide of people that got us there. Join at

On yers, and thank you.

Peter FitzSimons
Australian Republican Movement